Google Ratings Widget

The most powerful widget, avaliable to display your google ratings.


  • Item Name : Google Ratings Widget
  • Item Version : 1.0.0
  • Author : Platinum Plugins
  • Support Email : [email protected]

First of all, I would like to mention that I appreciate you purchasing my product, you are given access to the plugins updates for one year and priority support. After one year, the priority support and plugin updates will be revoked, but you are still able to use the current version you are on, you can also renew the license by buying it again.

This page, will show you how to install the plugin on your Wordpress Page, and how to customize the widget with ease, just simply read the sections you would like more info on.

Getting Started

Simply, go over to your Wordpress Admin Page, which can be accessed from the /admin directory for example if your domain was "", you would go to here you will be asked for your Wordpress Account. Now navigate over to the Plugins then to Add New.

The page, should look something like this, with a Upload Plugin button, simply click the button, and locate the zip which you should have downloaded and then click Install Now, now you have installed the plugin, now head over to Installed Plugins and activate it!


Main Settings

In the Main Settings, you will need to fill the fields in with a title and a place id, the title doesn't matter, but the place id does, you can simply find it with the Google Place Id Finder now with the id you just fill the field, if you receive a error, it is probably because you did not put in your api key in the Plugin Configuration, the steps to find it are in the Settings.

Display Settings

In the Display Settings, we offer a lot of customization, so you can adjust the widget, to fit any of your themes, including even the Star Colours, even the back, you can also choose to include a Google Logo into any of the designs.

Review Settings

In the Review Settings, we allow you to change the look of the reviews, and to be able to redact personal information, like a name or a avatar and to be able to hide reviews under the minimum you have set in the field.

Other Settings